Personal Trainer

I am the proud owner of “Corey’s Community of Stronger Living” and my goal is to help individuals become the strongest and best version of themselves not only in the gym, but outside the gym as well.

I help people achieve this through the use of various training techniques (most notably strength training) and using these not only as a tool to strengthen your body, but also your mind. Utilising the principles of training in the gym as a tool to improve your lifestyle outside of the gym, creating a healthier and stronger way of living. I also provide nutritional guidance and dietary advice, helping individuals find what works for THEM as that is a great challenge. I am also a life coach, helping individuals through personal issues outside of the gym as that is one of, if not the most important part of someone’s training journey in my eyes.

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, a stronger way of living is always achievable, especially with me in your corner helping you battle through this tremendous journey.