Your gym, when you want it, at no additional cost. So whether it’s a late night or an early morning training session, you can use the gym when it is most convenient to you.

Personal Responsibility Waiver

We are dedicated to providing you a safe and premium experience with Revs Health & Fitness 24/7 access. We have equipment, facilities and procedures in place to ensure your safety during your workout.

We ask that you make your own decisions about your exercise routine and intensity.

Upon signing up to 24/7 access at Revs Health & Fitness and when using it as a member, we ask that:

You accept that you must watch the 24/7 induction video and familiarise yourself with all instructions pertaining to safety, access, conduct, emergency procedures and safe use of equipment before you are granted 24/7 access.

You accept that you must receive confirmation from Revs Health & Fitness that you have 24/7 access before coming during unstaffed hours.

You have assessed your own fitness capabilities and will exercise within your own abilities while taking into account any disabilities which you may have.

You accept that Revs Health & Fitness will not be staffed during 24/7 and that it is your personal responsibility to stop exercising if you feel ill or require assistance.

You accept that all answers on the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) are correct and the form is up to date.

You accept that if you allow someone who is not a member into the gym with your 24/7 access it can result in a fine or loss of membership.

You accept that you cannot use the lockers during unstaffed hours and that Revs Health & Fitness does not take responsibility for any lost or stolen belongings.

You accept and understand that the pool is not available for use during unstaffed hours.