Exciting upgrades and fresh beginnings!

Hold onto your stockings because we can confirm that Santa is making a special pre-Christmas delivery to Revolution Health and Fitness!

Over the last year we have been listening to your feedback to help us understand what you want in your health and fitness journey.

Like any journey, this one starts with a first step. So, starting at 10pm on Sunday the 10th December, we will begin our exciting facility revamp with the installation of NEW PERFORMANCE FLOORING. The new flooring throughout the facility will offer shock absorption and explosive energy return, providing a balance designed to optimise safety and performance.

The new flooring will then set the stage for NEW LIFE FITNESS SE3 CARDIO EQUIPMENT, and a lot MORE of it!


What to expect with the New Cardio Machines?

  • Flex Deck shock absorption system that reduces knee and joint stress by up to 30% more than non-cushioned surfaces.
  • Access to Life Fitness On Demand+ fitness experiences.
  • The most immersive and engaging touch-screen console in the fitness industry with a high-definition edge-to-edge screen (it is like a home entertainment system!)
  • Connectivity is at the heart of the console – seamlessly connect an Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, headphones, heart rate monitors and other Bluetooth devices.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly Fitness & Lifestyle Specialists at fitness@seagullsclub.com.au or call us on 07 5587 9011 during staffed hours.

Your commitment to making health and fitness a priority continues to inspire us to strive for more! More equipment, more variety in services and classes and more smiles!

This upgrade is just the beginning of what’s to come! Prepare yourself for more exciting surprises in the coming months. Thank you for being part of our Revs family.